Women trembling at orgasm? This should pay great attention to!

by TeamOperation

It is very common that many women will reach the climax when their male mates perform well in the sex life. When the climax is coming, the female friends may tremble. Why do women tremble at the orgasm? This should be paid great attention to!

What is climax?
Orgasm is the most common response in sex. During this, women will have a lot of physiological reactions, such as nipple erection, clitoris erection and body shaking. Under this, women enjoy the pleasure brought by sexual intercourse. So why there are so many chain reactions after the orgasm? Why they are so sensitive? Today, we will take you to the questions.
It is very common for the clitoris to become sensitive after the orgasm. This is similar to the men’s glans penis. However, the glans penis will stay very sensitive and be afraid of any touch, while the clitoris wanting for more strong twitch and impact. At this moment, the man has to hold the woman tightly and not let her have any room for activities. Now we do know that the changes in the sensitiveness of the genitals of men and women, we give a plausible explanation, speculatively, from the point of view of answering questions and training.


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One of the physiological reactions of the body in the process of the arousal of excitement is hemangiectasis, in particular, increased blood flow to the genitals causes congestion and swelling of the penis and clitoris. This will cause increased sensitiveness of the penis and clitoris. In addition, mental and emotional changes occur in the brain (extra excited), in turn will also enhance the attention of men and women of the feeling of penis and clitoris. When the orgasm is over, it can cause discomfort, pain and even numbness if the penis glans or the clitoris is stimulated again. So it can be understood that why the man and woman would consciously avoid being stimulated again. The hypersensitive state of the clitoris lasts for a while after an orgasm, and then slowly eases as the swelling subsides, generally taking a few minutes or more. Woman orgasm just after the moment can be some trance, but the body feeling consciousness is still in the excitement, and will pay more attention to their own body feelings.


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Some women say their nipples will also become sensitive to touch after orgasm. Some women, after their first orgasm, don't mind to further excite their super-sensitive clitoris and nipples so as to experience more orgasm. It seems for woman there is a big difference between sensitivity and preference. Individually, some may be very sensitive about her clitoris - even the friction by clothes.  This is in need of the help of a doctor.

Three types of vaginal spasms when having sex:
(1) Secondary vaginal spasms: Having experienced successful coitus followed by spasms.
(2) Situational vaginal spasms: It happens because the environment for sexual intercourse changes. It is rare.
(3) Primary vaginal spasms: It happens after the first sexual intercourse.

So, why such vaginal spasms happens? Here are the reasons:
A. Too strict family education and negative attitude towards sex.
B. Suggestive self-abasement and self-sin.
C. Emotional anxiety, tired of, depression, and fear.
D. Traumatized of young.
E. Conditioned reflex caused by pain in the first sexual intercourse.
F. Improper operations and skills during sexual intercourse.



In fact, when the woman reaches orgasm, the body is sensitive. At this time, the body will be stimulated to tremble, which, in fact, brings a feeling of conquest to men. We must avoid some misunderstanding of sex life during sex!

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