Sex skills: what do we do after having sex?

by TeamOperation

Sexual life is a kind of essentials between couples. Love and foreplay is very important, and love is also a secret weapon to improve your relationship. So what do we do after having sex?


1. Hug
Hug is the easiest way to express love. The feeling it transfers is also most sincere. After having sex, the lovers can hug each other silently for a while and feel the warmth of each other. The silent experience of this sweet moment would return the feeling to pure love after this physical touch. The relationship would be more intimate after this.   Hug is one of the ways to comfort each other after having sex. Most women are brittle and sensitive, they need the lover to be around and take care of her to give her enough security. This not only makes both feel sweet, but also makes a perfect ending to your pleasure time. The girl can take the initiative to hug her lover as well, because man is also childish under his strong appearance. So, hug him tightly after having sex, and you will have a special position in his mind.
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2. Kiss
Kissing each other after having sex can let the two people continue feeling the tenderness. It is better not to choose sensitive parts , and try to be nice and warm.
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3. Feel the breathing of each other
You may not think that this is also a skill after having sex. In fact, flirting with each other might be ecstasized, but sometimes changing a way might be different. Lying comfortable in bed with him, feeling each others’ breathing, soothing the tiredness of each other, will bring an overwhelming feeling of great happiness and joyful excitement to both lovers.

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