by TeamOperation
Our sense of smell is one of the most closely connected to desire. Sure, looking at something beautiful can stimulate desire, but can anything get your heart aflutter, or your mouth watering, like a scent? It's a powerful aphrodisiac in its own right.

Scent is evocative. Not only are you smelling a particular scent in a given moment, you're calling up memories of ever other time you've smelled that, or something like it. And it's not just flowers and warm gingerbread that can call up simple desire - the most random odors, even strong bodily odors, can make you feel desirous in complex and even sexual ways, even if they aren't conventionally attractive scents. While the idea that human produced pheromones can trigger sexual desire is a largely unproven fallacy, there's no doubt about it that we are drawn to certain scents. That's the special thing—besides being intimately connected with your memories, scents can also reveal deeply personal preferences that you don't even know you have.

There are tons of fun ways to incorporate scent into your sex life. Believe us, a little scent and ritual can go a long, long way toward creating memories, with yourself or others, that can make your toes curl at the mere thought—or whiff!—months later.

Read on for some of our fave ways to enjoy fragrance...

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