Must-Knows: The female sexuality

by TeamOperation

For centuries, female sexuality has been a source of male irritation. And in reality, not much has changed over the last few years. We believe this has to end. Here are sex – sorry – six facts and must-knows for enlightened women and men.


1: What’s a Vulva?

The first thing, you need to know aboutyour female sexuality: To be precise, vulva is the all-encompassing term to address clitoris, labia and vagina together.


2: Clever Girl!

The vagina isn’t just beautiful, but also really smart. Thanks to a rich environment of helpful bacteria, it cleans itself and kills off harmful pathogens. That’s why using soap and flushing can be harmful instead of helpful. Isn’t female sexuality an amazing thing?


3:Like a Virgin

The hymen is one of the biggest myths, but remains a stubborn feature of pop culture. It’s said that a woman ‘loses’ her virginity as if something was to disappear. However, the hymen doesn’t actually break during the first sexual intercourse like some sort of chastity seal. It’s actually a mucous fold inside the vagina, and its appearance can differ greatly across individuals. The hymen surrounds the vaginal opening either completely or partially. That’s why it doesn’t necessarily rip. Hence, not all women bleed during their first sexual intercourse and thus it’s not testimony to virginity. Science has known this for a long time – society hasn’t.


4: Get up, stand up!

Do you tend to sit in front of a computer at work all day? Then get up! Sitting for long durations can shorten the pelvic floor muscles which are vital for a good orgasm. The good news is, the muscles can be trained. Simply squeeze together your pelvic floor, as if you were interrupting yourself from urinating on the toilet. This exercise can be done anywhere and is best performed multiple times a day.


5: Clitoris, you beautiful thing!


Are vaginal, cervical and g-spot orgasms actually real? Actually, very few women reach a climax without clitoral involvement. But we believe it doesn’t really matter. Whether vaginal or clitoral – orgasm is orgasm. Never question yourself and your beautiful female sexuality. Instead, celebrate climaxing each and every time. Thanks to your clitoris.


6: Come on, Beauty!


Orgasms increase female attractiveness, according to a long-term study. Women who have sex or climax at least three times a week, look up to four years younger than those who only orgasm once a week. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is that sex stimulates the blood circulation. A good climax also reduces stress, lowering stress hormones in the body and thereby reducing the risk of inflammation. As a bonus, this may result in reduced acne and fewer wrinkles.


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