Which Type of sex product you should choose? For Men's pleasure

by TeamOperation

Sex is a part of a couple's relationship, and for adult men, in order to enjoy sex more, or when they don't have a sexual partner, they can use some adult male products.

Nowadays, there are countless men's products in the adult market, including aphrodisiacs, simulation, masturbation, lubricants and SM products are the most popular and concerned, which have different effects according to different needs and efficacy, allowing men to get more satisfaction from their sex life and reach orgasm.

So what are the adult products for men? What are the different types and functions, and how to buy them? Come along to see how to keep men sexually active and hold onto their manly pride.

Enlargement & Delay

Erection Enlargement Device

The device acts on the male genital organs through negative pressure generating devices, prompting the arterial blood vessels to dilate, increasing the flow of accelerated fluid, prompting the spongy body to rapidly fill with blood, resulting in a rapid erection and sufficient hardness.

Side effects and precautions: petechiae, oedema, pain, difficulty in ejaculation, dark redness on the surface of the skin.

Take care to choose the right model

Sperm locking ring

The effect is that it makes the dildo harder and thus allows the man to enter deeper, making the fisting experience better.

Side effects and cautions: It prevents the discharge of semen and causes long-term pelvic congestion, lower abdominal swelling, hypertrophy or inflammation, and reduced function.

Be careful to clean the locking ring, control the time reasonably and wear it with lubricant.

Delay spray and wet wipes

The effects:
1. Increase the ejaculatory stimulation threshold, prolonging sexual life
2. Improve androgen secretion, fast erection and firmness
3. Strengthening the gonadal system and replenishing sexual energy
4. Enhances hormone production and rapidly activates sexual power
5. Accelerate the metabolism of the spongy body, truly relieve sexual fatigue
6. Effectively remove toxins, completely solve sexual weakness

Side effects and attention: produce psychological dependence, leading to fast feelings of influence, easily lead to female sexual indifference, leading to male pathologies

If allergies occur, please stop using immediately, indicating that your physique is not suitable for the type of spray you are using, can be replaced with other types of spray. Erythromycin ointment and skin relief ointment can be applied once or twice after an allergy.

Contraindicated for pregnant women and women who are preparing to conceive.

Do not use if your skin is broken.

Do not use if you have an infectious disease.

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