How To Buy Sexy Lingerie Which Suits Your Body Shape

by TeamOperation

Feel your most confident EVER – with this handy guide to sexy lingerie styles

Something really strange happened to me recently. I noticed that my clothes were beginning to feel unnaturally tight. Dresses that used to look lovely on me, began to hang from my body in an awkward manner. I began to look at my body differently which left me feeling quite depressed. The more depressed I felt, the more I turned to food for solace and I’m sure you can imagine the rest… I was always one of those people who could eat whatever they liked and never put on a pound. However, as middle age was approaching, it was clear that this was no longer the case.

Previously, I was proud of my slim pear shaped figure and dressed in a way which flattered the shape of my body. As I watched my body change from a pear shape to an apple shape, the clothes which previously flattered me, no longer cut the mustard. As a lingerie writer and enthusiast, it was quite clear that my lingerie collection also required an immediate overhaul. After all, a change in body shape is perfectly normal as women become older. But, in order to accommodate these changes and continue feeling good about our bodies, sometimes we need to rethink the rules of our personal wardrobes to find the perfect lingerie for the shape of our bodies.

Dressing To Suit Your Body Shape


Women come in all different shapes and sizes, that’s what makes us so wonderful. If you’re reading this article on your commute to work, or your lunch-break, look around! Every single person in the vicinity looks completely different. The same rules apply when shopping for lingerie. I look at the beautiful women modelling the lingerie on the websites and at trade shows and I know that the outfit won’t look the same on me. In the same breath, what looks good on my friends will also look completely different on me, but that’s not a bad thing! What makes the biggest difference when choosing lingerie, are choosing features are more flattering to your body shape.

There are lots of different types of body shape. However, I am only going to discuss the four main types of body shape as I think that they offer features that every woman can resonate with. By following a few simple rules,shopping for flattering lingerie is child’s play.


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