Did you misunderstand female physiological knowledge?

by TeamOperation

news-KISSTOY-imgIn daily life, many women even those who have been married for a long time, do not know much or are even very strange about their own private parts. For examples, many women will shave off the pubes because they find it’s not beautiful; many women and men believe that the more sex life the slacker the vagina. To widespread some knowledge about vagina, let's talk about common misperception about women's private places.


1.The more sex life, the slacker the vagina?


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This is a common idea to both men and women. They all believe that the more a woman's sex life, the looser her vagina will be; In fact, this idea is very ridiculous. Science shows that the vagina is a muscle-filled tubular organ that is elastic and can be restored to its previous shape soon after each sexual intercourse. In addition, there is also a saying that the richer the sex life of a woman, the tighter the muscles of the vagina.


2.It is much healthier to shave off the pubes?


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Many women take it a shame to have pubes and think that they are dirty. So many women remove the pubes using removal supplies or tools. This is not recommended! In fact, the pubes play a big role in the reproductive health of a woman. First, the pubes will reduce the pain cause by the friction in sex; Second, the pubes are a symbol of sexual maturity and are important to arouse the sexual desire in sexual intercourse. Most of the pubes are curly, which can decrease the impact caused by the in-and-outs of penis and will not bring any discomfort when they are in the vagina. In addition, they can prevent the vagina from bacteria. Many women are of the opinion that pubes are not beautiful and are dirty in a large quantity. It is suggested that women can remove a proper amount of pubes if they are embarrassed. Then they can maintain beauty and meanwhile protect themselves from bacteria.


3.The more the sex life, the darker the color of the labia?




Due to the popularity of the Internet, people are more and more aware of the misunderstanding of vagina. Although this statement is ridiculous, it is still believed by many people. Some women even go to the hospital to whiten the labia or use some pink magic to make it pink. It is the scientific statement that the color and size of each woman’s labium are different. Such differences will have no impact on their sex lives.

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